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Sydney's specialist in
residential drafting design


October 2018

Drafting services in Sydney Explains: Strata Homes vs Residential Developments & Extensions

We've dealed with clients that own strata titled properties, looking for future home development and residential home extensions. One myth that is being asked often is;

"Strata titled properties can't do extensions!"

Don't get mislead by this myth, strata titled properties can be also get home developments and home extensions; though the design/ DA approval stages are slightly different compared to a land-owned property.

For strata titled properties, there are a few facts:

  •          All development of a strata property related to the common property need to be approved by the strata management first.
  •          Common property of a unit usually includes structure of the building (slab, roof frame, roof tiles etc), common area (driveway, corridor, garden etc) as well as external walls and windows, which you need to notify the strata management.

Most importantly, whenever there is a need to proceed with DA application, it should be lodged by the strata management, not a particular lot owner. Always consult your local council first in order to know your restrictions, or talk to us, Sydney's specialist in residential drafting design services to provide you a free consultation on your property & land.