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residential drafting design


May 2018

Residential drafting design in Sutherland Shire - How do trees affect your residential home extension project?

It comes to a trend lately that a lot of our clients are looking towards residential home extensions for a few reasons:

  1. They are looking for a bigger residential space for a larger family
  2. They could not afford to buy a bigger house due to the rapidly growing property market prices
  3. They would like to get some extra rental incomes
  4. Add value to their current property before selling their house

Regardless to which of the above is related to you, when you look for a residential drafting design company or is planning for a home extension project, one thing that you've got to be aware of is TREES! Yes, they do impact on your project significantly.

Depending on where you locate, and depending on which local council your property belongs to, before trying to be overly excited about extending your current home, or building a Granny flat, make sure you consult your residential design drafting company to assist you with help in DA approvals and lodgement. The trees are a critical element because there are a lot to be considered:

Here are some examples:

  • Set backs of boundaries
  • Consideration of root growth and how it may impact on the extension foundations
  • Tree species - whether it can be knocked down due to endangered types
  • The location of the tree - affecting the shape of your extension

Therefore, it's important that you are aware of trees being part of your land space, whether you decided to build a granny flat, or doing a home extensions in the area.

At Go Design Solutions, we provide residential drafting design and residential drafting services across Sydney, although we are located in Southern Sydney, we are specialised in providing DA approvals in the St George (Georges River Council), Sydney Area, and DA approvals in Sutherland shire councils. Not to mention, if you are planning for a home extensions, it is wise to confirm with us that your design is feasible and affordable.