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Sydney's specialist in
residential drafting design


May 2018

Go Design residential drafting services in the Sutherland Shire with the details to consider when creating your outdoor space

Go Design residential drafting services in Sydney explain that improving your outdoor area to create a space to live outdoors and entertain is one of the most popular home extensions in Australia.

Australia has the perfect climate for outdoor living, hence it is a big part of the enjoyable time we spend in our homes, either relaxing or entertaining. Our residential drafting designers have some key points for you to keep in mind when adding an outdoor entertaining area or room for your home.

Shade: Shade offers comfort by cutting glare and heat. Shade can be created in a permanent or flexible way, and depending on your need for weather protection, can be part of your roofing solution, or provided via landscaping.

Shelter: Weather protection is vital to make the most of your entertaining area, allowing for an all-year-round outdoor space no matter the weather. This allows you to access your outdoor space in permanent comfort. Our residential drafting designers in the Sutherland Shire say that if you are providing permanent cover to your outdoor area, make sure the underside surface and anything you put on it such as lighting, is weather resistant. This will help you long-term with cleaning and maintenance.

Privacy: Part of the enjoyment of an outdoor space is in feeling sheltered and private whilst you’re occupying it. This means not being overlooked from neighbours or the street. Whether you do this through landscaping ie. hedges or a wall, it’s important that you keep your outdoor area as open as possible. It can be a fine line between creating privacy and imprisoning yourself in an enclosed space. You want to be able to stay connected to the outdoors.

To find out more about creating outdoor spaces to suit your home and your lifestyle, contact our experts in residential drafting services in the Sutherland Shire.