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Sydney's specialist in
residential drafting design


May 2018

Go Design residential drafting services in the Sutherland Shire - Why go up when you can go out?

It's a common problem for many growing families. Kids are multiplying, inlaws need to move or there just doesn't seem to be enough space! 

Here at Go Design, our experts in residential drafting services recommend to look at moving up, instead of simply moving out!

If designed well, a second storey can add significant value and appeal to a property, as well as giving you the space you so desire.

Here, Go Design residential drafting designers in Sydney have a few reasons why adding another level may be beneficial:

When it comes to Sydney properties, most homes don’t sit on huge blocks. If you go up, you won't be encroaching on your ground floor outdoor area, which may be limited anyway. You can add more living or sleeping accommodation to the upper level of your home and the only extra space to be occupied at ground level will be for the staircase.

If your home is close to the water or valleys, you have the chance of adding views to increase the future value of your house. 

Privacy also offers great benefits. With many children living at home longer, it may be hard to find that bit of peace and quite. Adding an extra story may allow for a private retreat with the incorporation of extra bedrooms and living areas.

If you are thinking of extending your home, whether you want to go up or out, contact Go Design residential drafting services in the Sutherland Shire today.