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May 2018

Duplex design CDC in Penshurst tells you new rule new hope new duplex

In the past, getting a duplex or dual occupancy done in Sydney is subject to a large land, and requires a relatively wide frontage. A lot of the times, the site needs to be at least 600 sqm to be able to subdivide. Having a duplex or a dual occupancy in Sydney is more of a "dream" than a reality to many house holders. Despite the lack of living space, most home owners choose to go up, go sideway or rear extension to the existing house.

The new [draft] CDC regulations has turned the world upside with more lenient regulations for these dreams to turn into a reality. Speak to us regarding to your proposed Duplex design CDC, we are in Penshurst.

This new housing code will commence on 6th July 2018, as mentioned we have no clue how long this code can last so we must act quick should you wish to proceed or planning to do a duplex/ dual occupancies in penshurst, sutherland shire or anywhere in Sydney!

So what's permissible?

Development types that can use this Section include:
• Dual occupancy (attached) - 2 dwellings on one lot
of land that are attached to each other, but does not
include a secondary dwelling; and
• Dual occupancy (detached) - 2 detached dwellings
on one lot of land, but does not include a secondary

Does my land fits this criteria?

As long as your current land meets the minimum area: As specified for dual occupancies in the EPI that applies
to the land. If the EPI does not specify a minimum lot size – 400m².
Width measured at the building line: 12m.

How do I start?

Talk to us as we are assisting over 100+ jobs every year. Being a team of duplex designers in Penshurst, we offers customised design to suit your land and your need. We understand 400 sqm isn't a lot, hence why we don't provide template designs. Be trusted that you are working with a Duplex design company Penshurst Sutherland Shire with a flexible yet functional design.