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Sydney's specialist in
residential drafting design


July 2018

Residential drafting services in Sydney share the benefits of an open floor plan

Most of today’s homebuyers look for an open concept floor plan, with bulky walls, dim rooms and dysfunctional layouts becoming a thing of the past.

The concept of open planning means that rooms on the main floor flow effortlessly from one to the other, as opposed to being compartmentalised with walls.

Here our residential drafting services in Sydney share reasons why an open concept floor plan could benefit your family dynamic and living space.

- A general feeling of more space. The way light and air-flow between unobstructed spaces, makes the whole home feel bigger.

- No hallways and tight corners make the areas flow.

- Added visibility and better sight lines providing increased family time with children in plain sight of kitchen and family areas. 

- Increased home resale value.

- Ease of heating and cooling the home all at once, with no walls blocking airflow.

- More natural light and less dim spaces, giving a better feel to the home and reducing lighting costs.

For more information on creating an open plan for your current home or building a brand new home, contact our drafting services in Sydney today.