Sydney's specialist in residential drafting design

Sydney's specialist in
residential drafting design


July 2018

Residential design services in Sutherland Shire with tips on designing the perfect home for entertaining

If you truly love to entertain, our design team who specialise in residential drafting services in Penshurst and the Sutherland Shire share the following ways you can create the perfect entertaining space.

Firstly, you must consider your overall entertaining needs. You may prefer cosy spaces that exude comfort or large spaces for grand cocktail parties. If you entertain in many ways, spaces that can have the seating arrangement changed easily to accommodate various events would be the most suitable.

Think about scale rather than size. Entertaining homes do not need to be the largest. A home can actually become less comfortable for guests when the scale is not correct. It all comes down to the right amount of space and dimensions for your needs.

Our residential drafting services in the Sutherland Shire recommend thinking about adapting all areas and rooms of your home, from living rooms and dining rooms to studies. You may choose to exclude a formal dining room in replacement of an extended kitchen that includes a breakfast room or informal eating area. Thinking outside the box may just allow you to accommodate many more people in comfort.

By putting a little thought into your design, you can ensure that you create a home space that gives you the confidence to entertain, even at the last-minute, so that you never miss the opportunity to create beautiful memories with family and friends.

To help you to design your perfect entertaining home, contact Go Design Solutions, residential drafting services in Penshurst and the Sutherland Shire.